Salesforce Digital Adoption

Hi Richard and Dennis,

At WalkMe, we love how Devoteam are all about putting people first and getting to know your customers. With 70% of organisations due to implement Digital Adoption in the next 2 years, we believe you are uniquely qualified to become a key player in the DAP market for Salesforce clients. As the market is set to top $1b quickly, we see this as a great opportunity to:

Tolani Adams

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The Devoteam Challenge

Devoteam customers are investing millions on software to drive digital transformation. However, most clients struggle to realise the intended ROI from their most critical deployments and fail to drive transformation due to low user-adoption rates.

The Digital Adoption Opportunity

Salesforce spans a large scope of modules that help organisations leverage the single-view of customer data. These organisations must implement adoption strategies that match the platform’s depth. This is an opportunity to:

Devoteam + Salesforce + WalkMe

Redefine Salesforce adoption across the enterprise

Help your clients raise the value of their investment in Salesforce by boosting employee expertise, providing effective onboarding, and simplifying the user experience.

Accelerate time to competency

Use WalkMe’s intelligent walk-throughsm guidance and automation to empower users and maximise the ROI from the platform 


Improve data integrity

Improve governance around data input and management with guidance and insight that is just-in-time and appropriate for every usage scenario.

Leverage critical software-usage data

Maximize recovery from critical issues in no time by enabling your users to follow best practices and submit incidents properly.



"WalkMe allows our Sales Operations team the ability to deliver the right training at precisely the right time. We’ve been able to embed highly customized, contextual walk-throughs in a way that blends into our instance of Salesforce, rather than distracting our end users. What used to take Sales Operations a 15-30 minute training, can be accomplished with a 2-minute walk-through; and it’s always there for our end-users to utilize in the future."
Jose M. Arroyo
Sr. Administrator